Update on Jade's Injury

Ian Waite - Monday, November 16, 2009
After having a few weeks of continually improving scores, Blackpool really was the lift that we all needed half way through the series and Jade and I were both thrilled to perform in the fantastic Tower Ballroom - what a show! 

The Tango was our next dance and I for one was very excited at the prospect, not having danced this dance since series 3 with Zoe Ball - still my all time favourite dance!

The week of the Tango had progressed brilliantly and by Saturday it looked as though it might be Jade's best dance to date.  All the signs were great in the dress run, dancing a flawless performance - but as I picked Jade up off the floor: DISASTER!!!

At the time I didn’t even realise anything was wrong but Jade had seriously damaged her knee getting up at the end of the dance. We had 3 specialists come to assess her injury - all experts in their field. They all made the decision that Jade should not dance. 

As yet, we still don’t know the full extent of Jade's injury until she has had her scan tomorrow. If all is well, we will be dancing the Rumba next - and hopefully one day we will show you the amazing Tango we had in store for you. 

I cannot express how much I appreciate all of your good wishes and I will pass them on to Jade. 

Many thanks for your continued support 


Helen and Steve Holland commented on 16-Nov-2009 07:07 PM
All the very best to Jade, really missed you dancing but realise your career is the most important aspect. You're our favourite!!
Gillian Hooper commented on 16-Nov-2009 07:18 PM
I feel so much for Jade. She had been getting better and better and to have her knee go - so awful for an Olympic athlete. I was hoping to see you both lift the Strictly trophy this year and Jade get her gold in 2012. I am STILL hoping for that. I hope Jade is able both physically and mentally to compete again in Strictly. I know you will give her loads of support and help her through if she can continue. If our best wishes do any good, you will be back and at the top next week. And I hope I see that tango sometime. It will be the best. Love to you both x
Amy Rose commented on 16-Nov-2009 07:26 PM
I could see in Jade's eyes just how devasted she was feeling on Saturday night and my heart went out to her. I hope she recovers well and is back dancing soon. Gotta admit I really missed seeing you & Jade dance on Saturday.
Alicia commented on 16-Nov-2009 07:33 PM
Hi Ian, I hope Jade is able to dance next week, but everyone is saying it is unlikely :( I really really love you and Jade's partnership honestly there would be no point watching without you two, it was almost too good to be true :\ things were going too well.. hopefully this isn't it for you guys on strictly, you would be sorely missed. x
gareth thomas commented on 16-Nov-2009 07:36 PM
Hi Ian i was so looking forward to your tango, i was hoping that it would get you the 10's you so deserve from the judges, i was so upset to hear of Jade's injury - I hope she is doing well and recovering and I hope to see your fab rumba on Saturday. All the best gareth
Marie commented on 16-Nov-2009 07:38 PM
Wishing the best for Jade. So sorry we didn't get to see your Tango. The one with Zoe is my all-time favourite as well. :)
Lisa commented on 16-Nov-2009 07:39 PM
Hoping Jade is well enough to dance on Saturday, and I really hope you get to do your tango at some point, as I think it would have been fabulous. Good luck and best wishes to both of you.
Karen commented on 16-Nov-2009 07:48 PM
Thanks for the update - more than we seemed to get on ITT tonight. I wish Jade and you well. I am gutted for you both on so many levels. There is so much love out there for you with the public - those who have been with you both all the way and many who have warmed to your partnership over the weeks. You have never disappointed and I was certain you would be in the final, if not win it. I really hope that this injury is not so severe that Jade has to withdraw from SCD but I'd understand if she wouldn't want to take any further risks as she can't afford to aggravate it by dancing on when her athletic achievements are at stake. Wishing all the best for the scan and look forward to a more positive update soon.
Di commented on 16-Nov-2009 07:49 PM
Really hoping Jade's injury is not as serious as first thought, will be gutted if we never see that tango! ;-) Good luck to Jade for the scan tomorrow, I'll be keeping everything crossed for her. love and hugs to you both.
Carol commented on 16-Nov-2009 08:10 PM
Hi Ian I missed you dancing on Saturday. I hope Jade is fit enough to dance this week xx
G.Seeburn commented on 16-Nov-2009 08:10 PM
Best wishes to was a shame we couldnt see your tango. I hope all will be well for this Saturday x
Jenster commented on 16-Nov-2009 08:27 PM
I was really looking forward to your tango and was very upset to hear about Jade's injury. I really hope it's something that will heal easily, and that she can carry on dancing and most importantly, long jumping. I think you were the most underrated couple of the series and if you're back at the weekend, I'll be cheering you on. x
Jane commented on 16-Nov-2009 08:29 PM
I really hope Jade recovers enough to carry on with the show. She looked so devastated on Saturday. She has done so well and is a joy to watch. I hope all is well with her scan tomorrow and that you will both be back on Saturday. Love to you both xx
LyzzyBee commented on 16-Nov-2009 08:31 PM
So sad to see Jade's injury and wishing you both all the best. I hope I get to see the two of you dance again, you are a fab partnership and obviously a genuine friendship is there too.
Steve commented on 16-Nov-2009 08:43 PM
It was such a shame that you and Jade didn't get a chance to perform your tango on Saturday - it looked stunning in the rehearsal footage. I hope that Jade's knee recovers in time for you both to rejoin the show on Saturday, as it wasn't the same without you!
Jacqui commented on 16-Nov-2009 09:24 PM
Sending you both my best wishes and hopes that Jade's knee is better soon, either for Strictly or at least so that it doesn't disrupt her long-jump training. If you two need to pull out of Strictly you will be terribly missed but you have been wonderful every week and will NOT have let anyone down. If you can't dance the tango then the Beeb should at least show the dress rehearsal footage (if you're OK with that) and I'm going to write to them to beg them! Good luck and health and happiness again. x
CHRISTINE CRACKNELL commented on 16-Nov-2009 09:35 PM
Hi Ian. My heart went out to you and Jade on Saturday night. Jade looked so scared and upset. I have just sent her a message on her website, to let her know that she hasn't let anyone down, bless her. I hope that the scan shows that her injury is not serious, not only for Strictly but for her hopes and dreams for the Olympics. We were all looking forward to the Tango but I absolutely loved your Jive. Great fun in Blackpool. Take care and keep entertaining us. You're wonderful. xx
Sarah Dale commented on 16-Nov-2009 10:11 PM
Hope Jade is ok and good luck with the scan tomorrow, wishing you both lots of love and best Hopefully you can dance the tango in the final, I really want you two to win, as Bruce would say 'Your my favourites!' xxx
Sharon Findlay commented on 16-Nov-2009 10:16 PM
Hi sweetheart. You looked so devastated on Saturday over poor Jade's injury! I'm sure I'm not the only one who wanted to climb throught the TV and give you both a hug. Really hope Jade is ok to continue with the show cos this really could be YOUR year! Hope we get to see the tango some day (you know its my favourite) and by all accounts its amazing. Maybe it can be your showdance in the FINAL!!!! Lots of love and kissess to you both Love Sharon XX All the International Angels are praying for Jade to get well soon x
Ruby commented on 16-Nov-2009 10:24 PM
Was so sorry to hear that you and Jade weren't dancing on Saturday - wishing Jade a speedy recovery! And can't wait to see you both in action again soon.
Angela Houwen commented on 16-Nov-2009 10:50 PM
So gutted when I found out Jade was injured!! Thank you so much for your update ITT did not provide that much info. Fingers crossed the scan will show nothing too bad, not only for SCD but more so for Jade's professional career. Lots of love from across the North Sea, and best wishes and hugs for both of you! XXX Angela
chuckles commented on 17-Nov-2009 12:48 AM
I was really disappointed to hear of Jade's injury on Saturday.....I really hope that it's not too serious. Your dances have improved steadily without any dramas up to will be such a shame if you cannot continue. Best wishes to you both & hope to see you both back on Saturday
Tracey Smith commented on 17-Nov-2009 09:34 AM
Everyone was so shocked on Saturday when you did not walk down the stairs. We were all looking forward to at last seeing you dance the Tango again, and were really excited by all the comments we were hearing about it. Our thoughts now are all with Jade and fingers crossed that the scan reveals nothing serious. The most important thing is to get her knee right, and make sure she is fit to continue her long jump training. Strictly is only a show and not that importnat in the scheme of things. LOVE TO YOU BOTH XXX
Oona Haswell commented on 17-Nov-2009 09:41 AM
What a horrible thing to happen to Jade and how disappointing for you both not to have been able to dance the tango. My daughter Grace (7) and I were so looking forward to seeing you dance as you are such a character and always full of fun, which shines through. Send Jade a "get well soon" from us and good luck with the scan. I can sympathise fully with Jade as I broke my knee some years back & the pain was excrutiating - she was so brave. xx
R & Co commented on 17-Nov-2009 12:42 PM
Good luck Jade. Thinking of you. Disappointed that ITT gave no update yesterday. Career must come first but you will definitely be missed if you have to withdraw from Strictly.
Gillian commented on 17-Nov-2009 03:20 PM
Hi Jade & Ian. Saturday night just wasn't the same without you both. Was so sorry to hear about Jade's injury. Hope the scan goes well and that you are soon back in the competition, you've been doing brilliantly and we are loving watching you both. Take care & hope to see you on Saturday, love Gillian & Tango the Cockatiel xxx
Sarita commented on 17-Nov-2009 03:53 PM
Get well soon to Jade, I hope she's ok and it's not anything serious. Was so disappointed not to see your Tango on Saturday night, you're my favourite couple this year and I'll be really sad if you can't continue in the competition this year, but most importantly I hope Jade will be able to continue her long jump training. Best of luck - xx
Lavengro commented on 17-Nov-2009 05:23 PM
Poor Jade. I really hope the news from the scan is good as I really want you to stay in the competition and reach the final, so hopefully, we will get to see your Tango. However, although I would be devastated if she has to pull out of Strictly, it is imperative that Jade's athletic career is not put in jeopardy. My heart goes out to you both at this worrying time.
Zoe commented on 17-Nov-2009 05:54 PM
Just wanted to pass my best wishes on to Jade. You're my favourite couple of the series, I've really enjoyed watching you both dance and seeing how much Jade was improving each week. I have my fingers crossed that the scan results are positive and at the very least that Jade's long jump training will not be too badly affected. If we get to see you dance again on strictly it will be a bonus. xx
Anonymous commented on 17-Nov-2009 07:43 PM
I figured something was wrong when you didn't appear on Saturday, but to find out what was just awful. I feel so much for poor Jade. I hope she gets well VERY soon and her career isn't affected. I'm sorry for you too, as I know you were looking forward to the tango and I have no doubt it would have been brilliant. I know that Jade's athletics are paramount, and I don't want to sound selfish, but my interest dipped steeply when you weren't there, and if you had to withdraw I would lose 80% of why I watch SCD. I say 'Get Well Soon' to Jade, and to you I say 'Get Dancing Soon'. Love you Ian, you've always been my fave!
sharon mcgarry commented on 18-Nov-2009 05:05 AM
Hi Jade and Ian, Saturday night wasn't the same without you both, so very sorry about Jade's injury. Both of you have been fantastic to watch and fingers cross you will win. Take care with
Fuchsia commented on 18-Nov-2009 09:33 AM
So so sorry about the injury. It looked like it was going to be a terrifiic dance. What a thing to happen but Jade's career must come first. Just hope one day we can see that lovely tango. Hope her knee gets better soon and we see you Ian back on SCD very soon. Best wishes to you both.
Marie commented on 19-Nov-2009 09:58 PM
Echoing previous wishes, Jade's well-being is the first priority. Your genuine partnership has charmed us thoroughly; fingers crossed it will have the chance again. I would like to say Ian that your dancing enthralls and entertains, and you have a unique combination of savviness and innocence that is magic; thank you for sharing your passion. It is contagious!
Carol commented on 20-Nov-2009 07:54 AM
Hi Ian I hope you & Jade will be able to dance tomorrow. Will you be in any of the Pro Dances?
RubyB commented on 21-Nov-2009 08:15 PM
So sad you and Jade will no longer be competing in Strictly Come Dancing. I've loved your partnership, and can't wait to see your tango at the final! xx
Annette Jones commented on 21-Nov-2009 10:00 PM
Hi Ian, i just wanted to say that Ian and I (remember us from my dancing lesson with you in June?) are so sad that we won't be seeing you and Jade perform in the rest of series seven, you've been the highlight of each show for us, and Jade has blossomed into a beautiful dancer, thanks to lots of hard work and your natural ability as a teacher. I really do hope that Jade will continue to dance in her own time. Looking forward to seeing you on the strictly live tour (fingers crossed - we hope you're in it this year? as I need my Ian Waite Fix) Lots of love Annette Jones (Dancing Angel) xxx
Sharon Findlay commented on 22-Nov-2009 11:44 AM
Poor Jade. I really felt for her last night. Such a terrible shame you have had to pull out of the competition when you had such a strong chance of winning this year. The show has lost all its sparkle for me now, and for all the other International Angels. Seeing you and Jade was the highlight of our week. Take care See you soon Sharon xx
Jane commented on 22-Nov-2009 08:18 PM
Gutted for you both. Had you down for the final and maybe winning. Jade has improved enormously - well done Ian. Hope she will be OK and hoping to see you in some pro dances xxx
candle commented on 23-Nov-2009 12:59 AM
Hi Ian So sorry you and Jade were unable to continue. Best wishes to you both. Really enjoyed your dance when Shirley Bassey was singing on Saturday. Hope to see you dance in the pro dances as I love your style.
Marguerite commented on 23-Nov-2009 09:47 AM
I had really missed both of you from a week ago and then was upset Saturday to know you would no longer be competing with Jade. I'm going to mail her separately. You so deserved to win this year as you have been one of the best of the pro dancers over the years. Jade was a really good match for you - her strength and fitness helping you both do better and better routines. Plus, your personality was much more to the fore this year and I for one really liked it. Whether this was her effect or not, I'm not sure. I hope you do SCD next year and WIN.
Jennie commented on 23-Nov-2009 12:27 PM
Hi Ian, it's so sad that you and Jade can't compete anymore as you were so good together and I feel you could have won this year. I hope Jade recovers quickly so you are to do your Tango in the Final which I know you're both so desperate to do and we'd loved to see. I hope we're still going to see you in the pro dances as I love watching you dance. Best wishes to both of you. xx
Carol commented on 23-Nov-2009 03:27 PM
Ian, I am gutted that you and Jade are unable to continue SCD and can't imagine how badly you both feel. I hope Jade's injury heals soon and that there is no impact on her career. And I hope you continue to dazzle with your pro dances - Saturday's dance was magical. Birthday coming soon so my fingers are crossed for a trip from Ireland for some more dance lessons with you xxx
Sharon Findlay commented on 24-Nov-2009 05:38 PM Thought you might like to see some of the lovely things posted on the BBC forum about you and Jade
Ian's No 1 Fan commented on 24-Nov-2009 08:12 PM
What can I say? I'm so sorry to see you go. You and Jade were great and could have won. What am I do with my Saturday nights now? Not that I'm being horrible, because I understand Jade's career is important. PLEASE come do the tango when she gets better- doesn't matter to me when that is!
Carole Southward commented on 27-Nov-2009 01:26 PM
Hi Ian, I am gutted you cannot carry on with Strictly I really thought you could win it this year, Jade hasn't done a bad dance all the way through you were both brilliant, but understand Jade has to put her career first. I am looking forward to seeing you on the strictly tour! Best wishes to both of you!
Anonymous commented on 27-Nov-2009 05:36 PM
It won't be the same without you. Last week was dulled by your absence, and I expect this week to fare no better. Jade's athletics are the most important, I know, but I'm going to miss you. Your partnership was so great. From now on I'm watching for the pro dances! So please try to show in as many as possible. Once again, love you! *enormous hug*
Lavengro commented on 27-Nov-2009 09:45 PM
Strictly is so dull without you and Jade and this week will be no exception. You and Jade would have stolen the show with your Charleston or Rock and Roll and you would have outdanced everyone in the VW competition. I feel so sad for you and Jade missing out on such a good chance of lifting the glitterball. The only thing keeping me going is seeing your pro dances, glimpses of you on ITT and your Tango in the final. Hopefully, there will be a return of the Dream Team next week for the Midweek Report. xx

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