Super Troupers!

Ian Waite - Thursday, December 09, 2010

After a truly blockbuster weekend of screen gems featured in the Strictly Movie Week, ending in the departure of the people's favourite: Ann Widdecombe, it's all eyes on the prize as the couples dance headlong toward the Strictly semi-finals this coming weekend! It really does make for an exciting photo-finish of a competition - and all the couples will be firmly focused on the finish line... and that ever-elusive glitterball trophy!

I'm very proud of all the contestants this year but I'm sure you'll agree we've a fantastic semi-final in store with a line-up of fabulous dancers brimming with energy, enthusiasm - and ever-improving technique. Each and every one of them has shown real progress over the weeks so far and I know for a fact they've worked their socks off. It really is anybody's game… (though I do have my favourites!)

I'm especially excited about the swingathon dance-off - it'll be almost gladiatorial with the couples battling it out head to head - literally! I think it will separate the men from the boys, so to speak! By now, the dancers must really be on their last legs: the exhaustion will be kicking in, but with the grand finale in sight so too will the adrenaline and I'm sure we'll be seeing some more excellent showstoppers!!

Don't forget, Strictly is on Friday night, as well as Saturday and Sunday this weekend with each couple performing three dances. It's a real dance-marathon requiring steely nerves, sparkling technique… and stacks of stamina and sequins!

Some of you may have already noted from my upcoming appearances dates that I won't be dancing in the final episode. Due to a change in schedule, the showdancers will now be performing on this, the semi-final weekend. A previous commitment means I will be unavailable to dance, and so my time on Strictly this year has sadly come to an end a little earlier than planned.

So... I'd like to take this opportunity to wish the whole cast and production - including my fellow professional dancers, choreographers, all-star competitors; the wonderful Strictly Band; hair; makeup; wardrobe; production crew; not to mention the Judges, Tess, Claudia, everybody's favourite: Brucie... and of course you, the fabulous viewers - all the best for a cracking end to an already awesome series!

May the best couple win!

Much love,

Ian X

Sharon Findlay commented on 09-Dec-2010 01:20 PM
So sorry we won't be seeing you again this series!! I hope the BBC realise how much you were missed this year and have you back in the main show competing with a celeb where you belong! I'm sure you will see Ian's International Angels at various events throughout the year - showing their unswerving support. Lots of Love always, Sharon
di parker commented on 09-Dec-2010 01:58 PM
So sad that last weekend's fabulous showdance turned out to be your last of the series, I too will be fervently hoping to see you back in the competition next year. It's not been the same without you, and this sentiment has been echoed by many people. If there are events planned for the new year, fear not, the IIA will be there, and hopefully I'll manage to join them this time! Have a wonderful Christmas! Di xx
Chris Cracknell commented on 09-Dec-2010 02:11 PM
Can you feel the Angel tears! I agree with everything that Sharon and Di have said. Can't believe we won't be seeing you anymore this series! Everywhere there are comments on how you have been missed, so BBC take notice, WE WANT OUR IAN BACK NEXT SERIES! The Angels are here as always with our unwavering support and commitment to you. Don't forget to keep us posted as to where you are performing, so we can come show our support. Happy Christmas and a very happy and successful 2011. Love Always Chris xx
Gail Clark commented on 09-Dec-2010 03:07 PM
Sob! I can't believe that last Sunday was the last time we get to see you this year. I agree with all the other Angels, you have been sadly missed in the main competition this year. Hopefully next year you'll be back where you belong. And the IIA will there supporting you wherever we can. Have an Angelic Christmas and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Love from Gail xxx
Sarah Phillips commented on 09-Dec-2010 06:31 PM
Hi Ian, so sorry that your time in this series of Strictly is over. I too hope that you'll be re-instated as one of the main couples next year; you've been really missed! Have a great Christmas and New Year. Love Sarah xx
Tracey Smith commented on 09-Dec-2010 11:37 PM
Such sad news that we won't be seeing you in SCD anymore this year. The series has been sadly lacking your style and grace on the dance floor, your partnership with a celebrity and your humour on on ITT. Lets hope that the BEEB see sense for next and realise what everyone, not just your angels, has been missing. Enjoy your weekend away and hope that you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Look forward to continuing our angelic support at your events next year. Fingers crossed for Natalie on Saturday to get through to the final!

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