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Ian Waite - Monday, November 30, 2009
Firstly, thank you to everyone who has supported Jade and I throughout series 7 of Strictly Come Dancing. Unfortunately Jade’s injury meant that we were unable to continue the competition, even more gutting, considering we were not even voted off. To see the amazing development in Jade week-on-week was astounding and she was someone who truly went on the biggest journey. I will miss Jade but hopefully we will be back to dance that Tango in the final!

This weekend was the first time I was not taking part in the show, which was rather weird for me, but it gave me the chance to sit at home, put my feet up and enjoy the whole experience, even though I was itching to get out there! I was not surprised that Chris and Laila sailed through, down to their stand-out performances. I am still going to put my vote to the best dancer in my view, Ricky.

I have a bit more time on my hands now but I am still involved in a lot more spectacular group and solo numbers, so watch out for those.  Also, I have had time for a spot of shopping last week, so much so, I now know most of the staff in a ‘well known’ department store on Oxford street! As for now, I am at home in domestic bliss with my washing machine and finding it quite relaxing. Feet up... for the moment!

   Much love,

Wiitte commented on 30-Nov-2009 07:16 PM
Hi Ian. I thought you were supporting Anton and Laila?? I remember you saying on SCD ITT you were going to vote for them in their Jive week due to her disastrous performance.. A change of mind perhaps? ;) I hope they make it to the final, but they won't win. I know Ricky can dance, but so can Ali! Have to say, I admire her ability to endure the pain her injuries gives her, and yet still she dance, and with a smile.. I'm sorry to say, I don't like Ricky much and for that reason I'm not supporting him. I'm sorry you and Jade have gone, truly I am. I'm convinced you would have won it had she been able to carry on.. Hopefully she'l be able to dance a little on finals night. Thanks for listening and, keeeeep smiling x
Karin Aston commented on 30-Nov-2009 07:26 PM
Dear Ian, Please, please come back to SCD soon! I'm getting withdrawal symptoms not getting to watch my favourite pro dancer. I truly miss you and Jade as I think you had a great relationship and it was nice to see an athlete such as Jade turn her fitness into some beautiful dancing. I was very disappointed not to see your tango and as I will be in Sweden for the final I have to wait 'til January to see it on Sky+. I'm also upset at not seeing you two do a rumba as I think it would have been beautiful. Not sure who to vote for anymore! Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the Strictly Live Tour cheer me up! Please pass my well wishes on to Jade and tell her there are a few more fans out there to cheer her on in future. Enjoy your life of (temporary?) leisure!!! Lots of love, Karin Aston
Anonymous commented on 30-Nov-2009 08:30 PM
I like Ricky, but Ali is just as good, and they'll both be in the final. I'd support Chris, seeing as he needs more popularity votes because the talent votes won't be as high for him. Sad as he's seems such a nice guy- a bit like you :) Still very much looking forward to seeing that now famous tango, and of course the next pro dance you'll be partaking in. I'm also pleased to note that, although you're still missed, the hole in my dancing heart is healing nicely. But don't think you're off the hook because of that- I still want to see you as much as poss. Which reminds me, will you be taking part in the SCD Tour? It would really make my day/week/month/year/century if you were! Lots of hugs and love- Your No 1 Fan (next to the Angels, because no-one could ever beat them for dedication)
Willy commented on 30-Nov-2009 10:54 PM
Hey Ian, I'm fairly new here on your site but I have been a fan of yours ever since SCD began. You are always my favorite and there was so much potential for you and Jade this year to get into the finals. Seeing you dance always cheers me up and I really really missed you last Saturday, but I'm sure you're gonna make up for that! Keeeeeep dancing.... Lots of love. Willy (from Holland)
Lavengro commented on 01-Dec-2009 05:35 PM
Although I loved Saturday's Strictly, it would have been so much better if you and Jade had been dancing. Either of the two new dances would have suited Jade and you would have both looked majestic in the Viennese Waltz. Ricky has been my second favourite right from the start and I had been hoping that you and Jade were going to pip him at the post in the final. Like most other Strictly fans, I can't wait to see you Tango but, hopefully, we will have your pro dances and ITT appearances to keep our spirits up until then. Another disappointment for us has been that you are not dancing with a celebrity on the Tour but please let us know if you will be taking Len's place as a judge as well as dancing with Natalie as that would cheer us up no end. Love to you and Jade from one of your dedicated Angels. xx
Ruby commented on 01-Dec-2009 09:10 PM
Glad you're having a chance to relax, but equally happy you'll be involved with the pro dances still. What would I do without my dose of Ian? :o) And I can't wait for the tango at the final - holding thumbs it all works out. Enjoy your new washing machine! Glorious domesticity. Clean clothes. Contentment.
CHRISTINE CRACKNELL commented on 01-Dec-2009 11:16 PM
Hi Ian, Am missing seeing you and Jade dancing on Saturday nights, you really did light up the dance floor. You worked your magic so marvelously (as you always do with your celeb partners) and Jade was developing into a swan. I have my fingers crossed that you will be able to amaze us again with your tango in the final or maybe the Christmas Special. Your last ITT interview with Jade was possibly the most emotional and lovliest I have seen on ITT. Hope to see you dance on Saturday. don't like Strictly without you, you make the show sparkle! As one of your new angels (never thought I would be able to call myself an angel - there another miracle you have performed), you will always have my continued love and support. By the way, I hear you made some of your angels a promise at Trunkwell, about your pressy. Don't forget! He he Take care. Love Chris xx
Helen commented on 02-Dec-2009 12:33 AM
I am missing you both so much already - I hate my post-strictly withdrawal symptoms, and now I have them early! I am so sad about what happened, but at least I hope it will be a small comfort that everyone still wanted you to stay in! I can't believe how much Jade changed - she seemed much happier and more relaxed. And graceful! I envy you both. I would give so much to be tall and graceful. I hope so much that Jade's injury heals quickly and we can see that Tango. I can't wait. I still get goosebumps when I remember the Tango you did with Zoe. But I was hoping you might do a Charleston too - that would have been great! Take care and please say you'll be back for another shot at the glitterball next year! We all love you!
Carol commented on 03-Dec-2009 09:36 AM
Hi Ian I missed you on SCD on Saturday. The show just isn't the same without you. I'm looking forward to your Pro dances. Will we be seeing you on ITT? xx
Marguerite commented on 03-Dec-2009 02:28 PM
Ian I thought you were Mr Diplomacy and now you've gone andn nailed your colours to the mast! I think Ali is the best dancer but I want either Chris or Ricky to win because they're more exciting. Speaking of exciting - like others I wait for the long promised tango that will be tinged with the sadness of what might have been. Jade and you doing the Charleston would have been priceless - I think it would have suited better than rock n roll - I can just imagine the pair of you hamming it up. It makes me titter just to think of you two and then I'm sad again ... Yes Jade really did develop as a person as well as a dancer and I thought your personality REALLY shone through this year too. Fab-u-lous darling x
Marie commented on 06-Dec-2009 12:24 AM
Love seeing the men-only segments in addition to the women ones in many of the pro-dances, especially this week! I vote for seeing those more often; adds so much to the dance in many ways. Thank you!
Franziska commented on 13-Dec-2009 12:19 PM
Ian, you are simply my favourite one out of the bunch of Strictly dancers. Too bad Jade injured herself, I think you two could have easily won this year!
chloe hedley commented on 21-Dec-2009 08:44 PM
Ian I was so sad when you and Jade went out because you really had a good chance at the final plus you were supposed to be dancing the tango to Duran Duran's song and they are my favourite band.
kaye Austin commented on 04-Oct-2011 10:09 AM
Hi Ian I think that the celebrity dancers deserve a lot more respect with the amount of hours they practice and not the low scores from kaye

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