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Ian Waite - Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hi everyone!

You'll be pleased to know that I'm now well-and-truly rested after the live tour, having had several lovely short breaks away - one of which being the fabulous wedding of Camilla and Kevin in glorious Ibiza. Did you all see the pictures in Hello! magazine?… Didn't we all look lovely!

My holidays have done me the world of good, and boy did I need it after five months of solid touring. I have been snapping away on my phone and some great pics of both the tour and my holidays, I will be updating my Gallery with them very soon, keep your eyes peeled!

You will also be glad to know that I’ve put some weight back on too. So I’m no longer a light-Waite! Haha!

It's quite strange not preparing myself to take on the wonderful task of training a celebrity, but this is my seventh year and there is probably no better time to take a breather, have fun performing the show-dances and come back next year refreshed and raring to go!

I’m sure you all agree 'Strictly' is looking great so far: the new set is awesome - it's so spacious, I can’t believe it fits into TVC Studio 1. The 'new look' show has surpassed all my expectations and can't wait for it it get started, and this year I can truly get to enjoy it from both sides of the camera!

The show dances this year are set to be just that: 'Show-stoppers'! We have been rehearsing really hard and can't wait for you all to see them, I'll give you all a special smile! Here's a list of the shows in which I'll be appearing (they're subject to change and more may be added) - make sure you tune in!

  • Sunday 10th October
  • Sunday 31st October
  • Sunday 7th November
  • Sunday 14th November
  • Sunday 5th December

Thank you all once again for your continued support and for following all my moves on twitter. I will endeavour to keep you updated with all my events, Strictly news and lots more besides here on Planet Waite!

Lots of love,



Tracey Smith commented on 22-Sep-2010 07:31 PM
Hi ian, welcome back, we have missed you. Glad to hear that you all rested and have put on some much needed weight, your angels were worried that you were working too hard. Keep up the updates we love hearing about forthcoming events, and we will all make sure we have your strictly dates marked on our calendar, and hopefully see you on it every week next year.
Christine Cracknell commented on 22-Sep-2010 07:39 PM
Great to finally hear from you. Those dates are firmly planted on my calender, can't waite! BTW. You were never a light waite!. Loads of angel love. Have fun xx Love Chris xx
Sharon Findlay commented on 22-Sep-2010 08:12 PM
Great to hear from you at last, though the dates are too late for us to now only apply for shows you are appearing on! Glad you have had a well deserved rest. It was so lovely to see you and Natalie in Reading recently - you two together really are magical. Love the reference to Planet Waite (the Angels headquarters) but great news is our website is currently being updated by our lovely Dutch angel and should be looking fab some time early October so please pop in for a visit. Hope to see you soon. Take good care of your lovely self xxx
Angela (Welsh) commented on 22-Sep-2010 08:38 PM
Hi Ian, Good to have you back, well rested and fattened up, and obviously raring to go. Thanks for the blog and the dates, which are already implanted in my brain. Looking forward to seeing you in the shows and, hopefully, on ITT. Thank you so much for your friendliness each time we have met at the pro and celeb tours and in Reading.
di parker commented on 22-Sep-2010 09:42 PM
Hi Ian, thanks for updating the blog and for letting us know when you're on Strictly. Sorry for hustling you on Twitter btw! Here's hoping a few more dates are added, and maybe the odd ITT appearance. Got everything crossed that we see you back next year training a celeb. Glad you're feeling rested and fit for action (hope you got some tennis in!), touring must have been gruelling. Hopefully I'll have a record of it winging it's way to you (and your nan) soon! Just got some finishing touches to do and job's a goodun. Thanks for being so lovely in southampton, and so sorry I couldn't make it to Reading. Gutted, but all's well now. Looking forward to some heavier waite dancing! Di xxx
Angela Houwen commented on 24-Sep-2010 10:04 AM
HAHAHAHA!! Light Waite!! Nearly spilt coffee... Good to have you back on your website. Keep an eye out for the Angels website currently working on that one. Those dates are marked and as the rest hoping for some fun and laughter on ITT!! Have a great SCD season, keep us posted. Oh btw have tweeted you already but I am going to see Hurts in Paradiso in Amsterdam. Will let you know how it was. It's on the 10th of October. Hmm.... just realised I am going to miss your first performance.. bugger.. Will get someone to record it.. hahaha ;) XX
carole parsons commented on 26-Dec-2010 03:50 PM
I love strictly but it so wasn't the same without you! xxxx

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