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Ian's dancing ambition became reality when in 1997 he took the step to becoming a professional, partnering with the former Latin American world champion Inga Haas. Delighting audiences and judges alike, after just nine months, the pair were runners up in the British Professional Rising Stars and Ian's professional career was firmly under way.

Moving to Holland in order to train with the renowned choreographer and dance coach, Ruud Vermay, Ian embarked upon a four year partnership with Natalia Panina... and the pair duly went on to win the Dutch Championship - as well as making the finals of both the World Showdance Championship and the European Professional Latin American Championship.

Ian then partnered Belgian dancer Daisy Croes - now appearing on the Belgian version of Strictly Come Dancing - and after 5 years dancing competitively in Holland, he made the decision to return home to the UK.

Partnering with Angela Rippon, of BBC's 'Come Dancing' fame to produce a best selling DVD "Ballroom Dancing" in 2004, Ian's talent began to reach a wider audience just as the the BBC launched its ballroom-TV extravaganza, "Strictly Come Dancing".

Captivated by show's first series, Ian secured a place as a professional dancer to debut on our screens in Series 2 and has remained in the line-up ever since as a favourite of celebrities and audiences alike!

Having partnered with the exceptionally talented Camilla Dallerup in 2004, they began their showstopping program of competitions and events. Their competition debut placed them in the semifinals of 2004 International Championships at the Royal Albert Hall, followed by the finals at the British National Dance Championships the same year. The pair cut swathes across dancefloors internationally - and continue to do so both competitively, and in creating spectacular shows with their joint venture "Truly Fabulous Events".

Ian has proved himself to be an immensely talented, respected and highly competitive dancer in his own right. His time is currently spent performing, teaching and of course competing on our screens in "Strictly Come Dancing".

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