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Ian has become involved with several charities during his career - he is a firm believer in using his public profile to help raise awareness and support to their fundraising.

He is proud of his involvement with these organisations and was delighted when he was asked to be Founder Celebrity Patron of the charity WellChild, and most recently, Brains Unite Fund, a supporter group of The Brain Tumour Charity.

If by offering my time, support and involvement I can make a difference to others, that makes me very happy indeed.

Ian has also organised and participated in events on behalf of other charities including Beatbullying, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Children In Need and Devon Air Ambulance to name but a few.


If you are interested in supporting Ian in his charity work please sign up to receive his updates, or get in touch directly using the contact form below. Ian will keep you up to date with when and where events will be happening, from Charity Balls, Golf Days to Dance workshops.

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